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Best Winter Temperatures Roofing Materials

It would be devastating if you watch a house you labored so hard to build destroyed simply because you used the wrong roofing materials. The pilling up of snow on the rooftop may bring down a poor quality roof as the ice may be too heavy for the roof to bear.

Below are some of the best roofs that can be ideal for adverse winter conditions:

  • Composite shingles: in addition to ensuring your house is warm and also comfortable, composite shingles will provide the much-needed enforcement to make your house withstand the intensity of heavy snowfall. You will no longer be afraid that your roof will leak or fall apart as the winter weather intensifies.


They are affordable

They can be used even on steep sloped buildings

They are easy to install

They are available in various colors and different sizes as well

They can be walked on or bear heavy weight like a snow buildup without getting damaged


Composite shingle can be destroyed by strong wind

They do not offer protection from the solar heat and may also be ruined by solar radiation.

They do not last as long as tiles, slates, or metals

  • Asphalt roofing; Asphalt roofs are affordable and can bear the strength of high winds, heavy snow, and a freezing climate. These shingle can be installed with ease and unlike composite shingles, they will withstand heavy winds.



They are easy to install

You can easily place them over an existing roof which will save time and reduce the cost of installation

They are available in various colors

These roofs will be able to last for twenty years


The shingle can easily be broken by tree branches leading to leakage

The granules which protect the shingles may be destroyed by hailstorm making the roof weak.

It can be destroyed by sun’s radiation which makes the edges curl which may allow water to get into the house.

If you intend to live in a house for over twenty years, Asphalt roofs may not be the best as they only last for twenty years.

  • Cement tiles: these tiles can bear the effects of heavy snow and will also offer protection against fire. The tiles are made of sand, cement and other pigments which make them very durable. As a result of the heavy weight of these roofs, you must ensure that the foundation of the house is strong enough to bear the weight of the tiles.


Highly durable and will not require any repair

Cement tiles are resistant to fire and can also bear the weight of heavy snow

They are available in various models and colors and one can use different colors on one roof making your house colorful


They are heavy in weight and will, therefore, require a strong foundation

They can easily be broken by hailstorms or tree branches that may fall on the roof.

Concrete tiles are affected by heavy rainfall as they will take in water making them stain and get mildew growth

  • Metal roofs: these are durable and can bear the strength of strong winds and heavy snow. The snow will simply slide from the roof surface and there will be no chance of leaks or formation of an icicle. As a result of the snow guards, the ice will not immediately slide from the roof and the insulated metals will ensure that your house remains warm even as winter continues.



Metal roofs last for as long as the house is in existence

A metal roof is lighter in weight than a concrete roof

They are easy to install

These roofs are resistant to fire

Metal conducts heat and the saved energy will make the house warm even when the sun goes down.


They are very expensive to install

The effect of a falling object on the roof or even rainfall causes a lot of noise

Metal roofs may develop a dent if hit by hailstones

The metal may fade or have the paint peel off

You do not have to be afraid of the winter if you are armed with the right roof over your head. As seen above, it is even possible to install a roof on top of an existing one which will save up on the time and the cost of roofing. Prepare in advance so that you will not have to rush when you notice your roof is falling off and the winter weather is at its peak.


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